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ANSN Newsletter

The ANSN newsletter has been published on a bi-weekly basis from 2005 until 2012.

The following ANSN newsletter has been published.

ANSN Newsletter Issue No. 165 more...
  • Regional Workshop on Practical NPP Construction Experience

Issue Date:  01 November 2012

ANSN Newsletter Issue No. 164 more...
  • Regional Workshop on Occupational Health and Phsychological Test and Evaluation of NPP Staff
  • 4th Annual Meeting ANSN Topical Group on Governmental and Regulatory Infrastructure

Issue Date:  15 October 2012

ANSN Newsletter Issue No. 163 more...
  • 1st Asian Nuclear Safety Network Plenary

Issue Date:  01 October 2012

ANSN Newsletter Issue No. 162 more...
  • Consultancy Meeting on Development of Standards Exercise Cases for Off-line Workshops
  • Regional Workshop on Nuclear Safety Tailored for Regulators

Issue Date:  15 September 2012

ANSN Newsletter Issue No. 161 more...
  • Regional Workshop on the Basic Professional Training in Nuclear Safety
  • Regional Workshop on Special On-The-Job Training (OJT) for NPP Newcomers

Issue Date:  01 September 2012
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