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Safety Management of Research Reactors


Enhancing the safety of research reactors has vital importance to protect workers, members of the public and the environment against radiation hazards by proper operating conditions, the prevention of accidents and, should accidents occur, the mitigation of the radiological consequences.

The ANSN is operating the Topical Group on Safety Management of Research Reactors (SMRRTG). The SMRRG identifies and shares best practices for safety design, construction, operation (including ageing management), modification and decommissioning of research reactors among experts in ANSN member countries; supports ANSN member countries for their implementation of the Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors and the application of IAEA Safety Standards and promotes the mutual exchange of information and fosters the sharing of knowledge and experience on the safety of research reactors through organizing annual meetings of SMRRTG, regional workshops, national activities responding to ANSN member countries’ specific needs (including expert missions) in the field of safety management of research reactors.


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