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Welcome to the Asian Nuclear Safety Network

  • ANSN is implementing the ANSN support activities for 2018-2020 which have been established from the results of the first ANSN Self-Assessment(SA).
  • ANSN revised its Vision and Terms of Reference(ToR) of ANSN units including Plenary, SC, and 10 Topical Groups.
  • ANSN Steering Committee(SC) has approved the establishment of Topical Group on Radiation Protection and Transport Safety(RTTG).
  • Evaluation of ANSN Support Activities for 2018-2020 will be started at the end of 2019.
  • ANSN will conduct the second Self-Assessment from the end of 2019 to establish the ANSN Support Activity Plan for 2021-2023.

Events for current year
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  • Expert supports for actual implementation by CTG Member Organizations, of principles and provisions for effective interactions with interested parties in accordance with the IAEA Safety Standards
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    Education and Training

  • Regional Workshop on Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Highly Qualified Personnel at Regulatory Bodies
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

  • Regional Workshop Nuclear Safety Knowledge Management Programmes
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

  • IAEA-KINS Basic Professional Training Course on nuclear safety
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Regional Workshop on the Method for Developing Arrangements for Response to a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

  • IAEA-KINS Workshop on Radiation Safety and Emergency Response in the Medical or Industrial Use of Radiation
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    IT Support Group

    Radiation Protection and Transport Safety

  • Regional Workshop on Safety Requirements for Transport Safety
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

  • Regional Workshop on Management of National Dose Registry
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    Radioactive Waste Management

  • Regional Workshop for Central Governments and Regulatory Bodies on the Development of National Strategies and Regulatory Requirements for Decommissioning
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    Regulatory Infrastructure

  • Regional Workshop on Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement Program for Nuclear Installations
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

  • Regional Workshop on Review and Assessment of Nuclear Power Plant License Applications by the Regulatory Body
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    Safety Assessment

  • Regional Workshop on the Analysis, Inspection and Testing of Safety Systems for Nuclear Power Plants (SMR)
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    Safety management of Research Reactors

  • Annual Meeting of the Regional Advisory Safety Committee for Research Reactors in Asia and the Pacific (RASCAP)
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

  • Regional workshop on interface between Safety and Security
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline:

    Self Assessment Coordination Group


  • Annual Meeting and Regional Workshop on Safety Requirements for Site Evaluation and Reviewing a Safety Analysis Report for Siting
  • Venue: | Nomination Deadline: