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Self Assessment Co-ordination Group

The Capacity Building Coordination Group (CBCG) was established at the 10th meeting of the Asian Nuclear Safety Network’s (ANSN’s) Steering Committee in October 2009 to coordinate the activities of the ANSN’s various Topical Groups and to promote the development of information technology modules in support of capacity building. The CBCG subsequently made several important contributions towards the strengthening of capacity building activities in the ANSN member countries in cooperation with the ANSN Topical Groups and the Information Technology Support Group. Taking into account a number of activities undertaken by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with direct implications for the CBCG’s work — such as the development of the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety, adopted at the 55th regular session of the IAEA General Conference in September 2011, and in particular Action 8 (“Facilitate the development of the infrastructure necessary for Member States embarking on a nuclear power programme”) and Action 9 (“Strengthen and maintain capacity building”) therein, as well as the publication of Establishing the Safety Infrastructure for a Nuclear Power Programme (IAEA Safety Standards Series No. SSG-16) in 2011 — the CBCG was reorganized as the Capacity Building Management Group (CBMG) in October 2012. The purpose of this restructuring was to strengthen the Group’s function of promoting self-assessment by ANSN member countries as well as conducting regional and national activities to support and promote ANSN member countries’ capacity building more effectively and efficiently.
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