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J5-CS-48710 IAEA Officer:
Mr Manwoong Kim
Consultancy meeting on peer review for finalization of the draft technical guidelines on fluid–structure interaction (FSI) evaluation, USA, Anaheim, 21-24 July 2014

No.   Title Document(s)
1 Summary Report
2 Agenda
3 List of participants
Tuesday 22 July 2014
4 Overview of draft technical guidelines (M. Kim)
5 Design and Maintenance in an IAEA Technical Document on Fluid-Structure Interaction (F. Inada)
6 Nuclear Power Plant Issues in IAEA Technical Guidelines on Fluid-Structure Interactions (S. Takahashi)
7 An Overview of Numerical Method for Fluid Structure Interaction (M. Kim)
Wednesday 23 July 2014
8 Consultancy Meeting between IAEA Team and ASME FSI Committee (M. Kim)