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EVT1900808 IAEA Officer:
Mr. Oleksii Dybach (IAEA, NS-NSNI)
Mr. Sang SHIM (Canada), Mr. Holm (U.S.A NRC)
IAEA-KINS Workshop on Safety Evaluation of Research Reactor, KINS, Korea, 15-19 July 2019

No.   Title Document(s)
2 List of Participants
4 Summary Report
Monday 15 July 2019
5 IAEA Safety Standards on Safety (IAEA)
6 Country Presentation (Bangladesh)
7 Country Presentation (Egypt)
8 Country Presentation (Indonesia)
9 Country Presentation (Jordan)
10 Country Presentation (Kazakhstan)
11 Country Presentation (Libya)
12 Country Presentation (Malaysia)
13 Country Presentation (Nigeria)
14 Country Presentation (Viet Nam)
Tuesday 16 July 2019
15 Application of Graded Approach to Safety Evaluation of Research Reactors in Canada (Sang Shim, CANADA)
16 Canadian Experience in Safety Evaluation of Research ReactorsCanadian Experience in Safety Evaluation of Research Reactors (Sang Shim, CANADA)
Wednesday 17 July 2019
17 KINS Regulatory Practices for Research Reactors (Hokee KIM, KOREA)
18 Review of Reactor Core Analysis (Hyedong JEONG, KOREA)
19 Human Factors Engineering (Ji Tae KIM, Korea)
20 Safety Review on Instrumentation & Control in RR (Sang Yong JEONG, KOREA)
21 Review of Safety Analysis (Young Seok BANG, KOREA)
22 Licensing Experience of Research Reactors (Seonjae KIM, KOREA)