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EVT2104134 IAEA Officer:
Regional Workshop on Nuclear Safety Knowledge Management Programmes for Regulatory Bodies, 12 - 15 Jul 2022, Virtual Event

No.   Title Document(s)
1 Agenda
2 List of Participants
3 Group Photo
4 Summary Report
Tuesday 12 July 2022
5 Objectives and Administrative Information (Géza Macsuga, IAEA/NSNI)
6 Introduction to Knowledge Management (L. James, IAEA)
7 Knowledge Management Programmes (L. James, IAEA)
8 Knowledge Management Methods and Tools (L. James, IAEA)
9 Nuclear Safety Knowledge Management and Capacity Building (P. Gowin)
Wednesday 13 July 2022
10 Country Presentation : Thailand (Acting Sub Lt.Nirun Onpetch, Thailand)
11 Country Presentation (Debashis DATTA, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority)
12 AELB’s Knowledge Management Program (Ridha Roslan, Ang Wei Eng , Mohd Izzat Fahmi Mohd Ruf , Yasmin Mohd Idris Perama, AELB)
13 National Presentation (Name: VMC Calija, MESKV Ramo, MNDC Estaris, AANM Garalde, ALG Nery, AB Cezar Organization: Philippine Nuclear Research Institute)
14 Introduction to the Case Study and independent analysis(L. James)
Thursday 14 July 2022
15 Working on the Case Study: SWOT analysis including risk assessment (L. James, P. Gowin)
16 Case Study Presentation (Debashis Datta (Bangladesh), Ave Garalde (Philippines), Onpetch Nirum and Charoenphol Wilaiporn (Thailand) )
17 Case Study Presentation Template (Participants: Vinz Calija (Philippines), Andrea Luz Nery (Philippines), Jittapan Ineead (Thailand) )
18 Case Study: Development of a Nuclear Safety Knowledge Management (NSKM) Programme in a Regulatory Body (Group 3)
19 Case Study Presentation Template (Ms Mohd Idris Perama Yasmin, Malaysia. Dr. Ang Wei Eng, Malaysia. Ms Estaris Ma. Nadia, Philippines, Ms Rakudomchock Punnapa, Thailand)
Friday 15 July 2022
20 Evaluation and feedback by the participants